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Our business has been based on a foundation of feedback. We practice this both internally in our staff relationship and externally in our client relationship. We need your feedback (positive and negative) so that we can address it (even if is negative) and consider it as part of our 'Continuous Improvement' program.

Our process consists of both a formal and informal process. Raise any concerns/suggestions with our consultants/trainers/auditors, phone us and talk to our office coordinator or use our formal forms. You can also email us. Our process is outlined in our flowchart (COY-120-1/F). Our Incident, accident, suggestions, complaints etc form (COY-120-4/F) and our form for participants to lodge an appeal (COY-120-3/F) are also available. The appeal form is especially applicable for Nationally Approved Courses.

You can also download our client feedback form (COY-150-1C/F); please use this to give us feedback.

We encourage you to let us know, no matter what we will respond. We thank you in anticipation.